Bathtub with door 100×70 

Technical Info

SMALL: Bathtub with rototranslating internal side opening door.

Available sizes:

Corner, center wall, niche




SMALL 100×70

Like any product in this line, the bathtub with door Small has all the “Auxilia” features and comfort, with the added bonus of being small enough to fit in any type of bathroom. The monoblock structure, equipped with a watertight front door, can be fitted with an adjustable intensity hydromassage system. The door can be supplied with side opening towards the inside.

Standard Equipment

• Suitable for Deduction – 50%
• Bathtub with door 100×70
• Immediate filling system
• Ergonomic seat and anti-slip bottom
• “Paini” Italian Tapware Kit
• INOX hand shower and safety handle
• Side door available with rototranslating internal opening, an internal opening system that is not cluttered.


• Auxilia hydrotherapy
The pleasure of hydromassage that improves blood circulation and stimulates the capillaries restoring elasticity to the skin.
• Airpool
The system introduces air into the water through the jets
positioned on the bottom of the bathtub.
• Chromotherapy
• Shower column with adjustable top shower head and extractable shower head
• 6mm tempered glass shower box and stainless steel sliding system.

Equipment bathtubs with door

Italian Tapware Kit "Paini"

Italian tapware kit “Paini” is supplied, already installed in the bathtub with door.

Stainless steel safety handle and handshower

The safe handle on the edge allows you to hold yourself when you lift up to avoid losing your balance.

Immediate Filling System

The Busco® patented filling system allows you to find the walk-in bathtub immediately full. Just lower the bulkhead once you enter inside.

Watertight door

Prevents accidental opening of the door for a regenerating bath in maximum safety.

Shower Box and Shower Column (Optional)

6mm tempered glass shower enclosure with stainless steel sliding system. Shower column with adjustable shower head and hand shower.

Cromotherapy (optional)

Thanks to the LED spotlights, the water is radiated in different colors, which intensify the pleasure of a warm and relaxing bath.

Airpool (optional)

A relaxing and soothing treatment: the delicate air flows gently massage the muscles, stimulating peripheral microcirculation and nerve endings.

Auxilia Hydrotherapy (optional)

The pleasure of hydromassage that improves blood circulation and stimulates the capillaries restoring elasticity to the skin.

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Busco® has created Auxilia. Accessible bathtubs with door, shower boxes with easy access door and more .. a line designed for all those people with reduced mobility who do not want and do not have to give up the comfort of a bath in complete safety.

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