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It is easy to think of a moment of relaxation at the end of a tiring day and even more immediately imagine yourself immersed in a beautiful pool, perhaps regenerated by the well-being jets of a hydromassage system. Not always, however, the physical allows us to realize all this and factors such as age, even temporary disability or a simple but annoying disorder become the obstacle to a healthy and legitimate moment of relaxation. Busco® has created Auxilia. Bathtubs with door, shower enclosure with easy access seat and more .. a line designed for all those people with reduced mobility who don’t want and don’t have to give up the comfort of a bathroom in complete safety. Because the right to health is always available to everyone.


Busco® – Since1970.. pleasures in water.

The water has been known and appreciated since antiquity as source of life and welfare, but only in the last decades has been discovered again and revalued its beneficial properties, thanks to mixing with air of modem Whirlpool systems. The everyday/stress force us to recover quickly shape and welfare to live well. Busco group has believed in this value since the beginning and put it in the centre of all his activities emphasizing it in his pay-off “Busco pleasures in the water”. More than 55 years ago began the production of ships, built with the most advanced technologies to which joined pools and minipools. Finally 25 years ago, remaining with pleasures in the water theme, Whirlpool bathtubs and multifunction cabins.
Using a modern design, a wide range of products, a good quality, a trustworthy Service, a moderate price, Busco conquered an important position in the inner market and avail himself of technology and productive capacities so that we can compete with the best in Europe. Leafing through Busco catalogue we meet minipools, Whirlpool bathtubs of any form and dimension, multifunction shower trays and accessories: respecting the severest european norms on safety and quality. Whirlpool bathtubs and multifunction boxes Busco are the right choice for who is searching for quality and restigious product loving also functionality, equilibrium of the forms, safety and things that last in time.

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Busco® has created Auxilia. Accessible bathtubs with door, shower boxes with easy access door and more .. a line designed for all those people with reduced mobility who do not want and do not have to give up the comfort of a bath in complete safety.

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