Shower Boxes with seat

Shower Box with seat SUPERIOR

The emblem of comfort in the shower: a spacious shower box; maximum practicality both from standing and sitting thanks to the rotating shower column with attached shower head; solid, strong and safe support handles; input facilitated by the 3 sliding windows in both directions. Several measures.

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Shower Box with seat ENERGY

The Shower Box Energy is a solution not only for people with reduced mobility, the elderly and the disabled, but also for the whole family, as it is comfortable, spacious and fully equipped. Thanks to the acrylic walls and the sturdy crystal finishes, it maintains the heat of the steam bath better, while the chromotherapy, positioned on the roof, creates a relaxing atmosphere, accompanied by your favorite music on the radio.

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Shower box DOCCIA-VASCA 110x70(80)

The first shower enclosure with watertight door and handle that, thanks to an efficient system for rapid filling and emptying, is heated internally and allows you to sit comfortably and completely immersed in a healthy and invigorating hydrotherapy bath.

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Busco® ha ideato Auxilia. Vasche da bagno con sportello, Box Doccia con porta ad accesso facilitato e altro.. una linea studiata per tutte quelle persone a mobilità ridotta che non vogliono e non devono rinunciare alla comodità di un bagno in tutta sicurezza.

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