Why choose Auxilia?

Why choose our products

There are an infinite number of good reasons to choose a tub with a door, a shower enclosure with an ergonomic seat or any other Busco Auxilia model. The many customers who have chosen us over the years and those who choose us every day prove it. Choosing our products means choosing high-end, safe and guaranteed products, the result of our 50 years of research and experience.

50 years of research

Experience is the best guarantee… it is also thanks to it if we can offer solutions suitable for every specific need.

European Patents

We protect our products. We stand out for the constant search for new ideas to facilitate their use.

Made in Italy

All the models of bathtubs with door and shower boxes Auxilia are designed and produced in Italy since 1970, with Italian materials and accessories.



Easy to use

The tubs with doors, the shower enclosures and the other Busco Auxilia products are designed to be comfortable and easy to use. We prefer mechanical and intuitive systems, which do not require the study of an instruction booklet.

Immediate Filling System

This is one of our patents that will allow you to fill your bathtub with door even before you enter inside it. You don’t have to wait and get cold inside the tank anymore waiting for the bathtub to fill up.

Bath in full autonomy

A bathtub with a door or a shower with an ergonomic seat can help you keep your autonomy longer. They are designed to make the bathroom accessible even to those with motor difficulties. We offer solutions suitable for every need.

Simple assembly & Minimal maintenance

Busco Auxilia products require the same care as a normal bathtub or shower box, in assembly and in cleaning. The frames are equipped with adjustable feet and the surface is smooth and seamless, to facilitate cleaning.

Wide Choise

Over the years we have constantly developed and updated our products catalog to offer a better service that can meet every personal need while respecting the dimensions of the bathroom.


The duration of the guarantee established by the law is 2 years. However our assistance service remains active to supply spare parts for our bathtubs and shower boxes. (assistenza@busco.it).

Busco® has created Auxilia. Bathtubs with door, shower boxes with easy access door and more .. a line designed for all those people with reduced mobility who do not want and do not have to give up the comfort of a bath in complete safety.

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